In a year long study we observed an agile software development team, to understand, how it establishes security practices following a security consultancy. This included in-situ observation at a security workshop and interviews with developers and management. In our long paper for CSCW 2017 we reveal that the consultancy hampered understandung, but was not sufficient to change organizational routines.

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Dorsal Haptic Display is an automotive interface questioning how we perceive a car’s surroundings. Motors in a car seats backrest stimulate the driver’s back with a projection of rear obstacles. We conducted a first user study to prove basic functionality and presented our results at AutomotiveUI 2015 in Nottingham, UK, in September.

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In the last six months Thomas and I worked on our Master thesis. We digged deep into shape-changing interfaces, embodied cognition and perceptual motor skills and the relevance for automotive design. During our research we visited TEI 2014 and developed a little prototype to demonstrate one of our concepts. On Tuesday (29.04.14) we finally presented our colloquium and are very pleased about the outcome.

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Felix A. Epp

I’m an technology and design enthusiast working in the field of interaction design and research. Currently I develop software and research on software developers at Fraunhofer SIT Institute, lecture on interactive media technology at Hochschule Darmstadt and create interactive media products as a freelancer.

M.A. Media Direction